New Vineyard Setups- A Beginners Guide

So you’ve decided to plant a vineyard. Good for you!Grape Vineyard

Based on a 1 acre plot of land:

~1,100 vines at a 4′ spacing

1 T-post for every 5 vines for support, 2-3 studded post clips/ post, depending on number of wires.

1x 4′ steel stake for every vine p-381-rod2.jpg


1 loop tie for every steel stake p-597-loopties.jpg


1 loop tie-tool for every acre p-605-wire-tyer.jpg

Wire: Standard trellising (12.5 gauge): 40’/lb untitled

Movable catchwire (14 gauge): 60’/lb Merchant-Wire-Coils-small_0

Upgraded trellising crimp wire: 20’/lbp-485-crimpwire.jpg

4’x1,100 vines= 4,400 single wire/ acre

or 4’/vine

Wooden, pressure-treated end posts with screw-in anchors at each endp-375-wood_post.png

Wire tighteners 2-3 depending on how many wiresltool_1

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